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Greetings and blessings to you from Ghana.  I am doing well and the work is moving ahead in great strides.  We have gone very far for a young ministry with some very great projects and it’s all because of the immense help we have received from you.  We have done a great job constructing the building and now we enter the next phase of the project where we need staff to fully kick our operations in high gear.  

We have contacted Project C.U.R.E and they are yet to send down someone from the US to do an assessment of the facility so we may receive medical equipment which most hospitals do not have which in many ways stall the care they provide.  We also have another person, a medical physicist, from Ghana Atomic Energy Commission and University of Ghana Nuclear Science Department visiting on Friday to give us guidance as to where we can and cannot put any equipment with radioactive material.  It is the very first step in trying to establish a diagnostic center with MRI and X-Ray machines required by Ghana’s Ministry of Health.  Please, keep us in your prayer so that all these visits and steps will go well as the next phase of what we have labored so hard to achieve is in progress.  

We are still looking for a local or missionary doctor to work at the hospital who will help us to register with the Healthcare Facilities Regulatory Authority in Ghana as we seek to upgrade from Maternity to a full hospital. Please, pray for grace and mercy that we may find the right person for the job.

Thank you for your kindness and audience.

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